The Key of On-Line Condenser Tube Cleaning System - "THE SPONGE BALLS"

Sponge Balls are the standpoints for the quality of tube cleaning and cascades with it. It is the tiniest but most significant tool of the Condenser Tube Cleaning method. Sponge Balls properties very essential be harmonized accurately to the operational environments of the cooling water quality, fouling of tubes and its material and to the design of the system. The Sponge Balls are all the time accustomed to the technical parameters of the appropriate Chiller condenser units. That is the motive why Dyynaro Technologies provides highest importance to the quality of the cleaning balls, and to their properties. To get highest quality the sponge balls are manufactured controlled environment to get precision. Only in this way can the technical requirements be controlled and the quality guaranteed. Numerous types of different sponge ball types can presently produce by our reputed supplier. The ability to meet the excessive necessities produced by most a number of applications exhibits know-how of Dyynaro Technologies.